Thoughts at the gym [a long time ago]

[The below text was saved in my LJ drafts from who knows when. I haven't been to the gym since July 2015 so at least that long ago.]

Rode my bike to the gym. Squats, dead lifts. Rode home. My quads are happy!

Bro, rack the plates when you're done with the bar. That's just disrespectful.

Heard a bell ringing over the stereo, every time this happens I hope it's "For Whom the Bell Tolls" instead of the far inferior "Hell's Bells."

Some Christmas eve poetry...

A Visit From St. Who?
by Arnold Snyder, from The Big Book of Blackjack
(for Kenny Uston, with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore)

'Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the pit,
Not a player was betting,
Not even one chip.

The dealers stood waiting
With frowns all around,
In hopes that some high-roller
Soon would sit down.

The house chips were nestled
All snug in their racks,
With visions of buy-ins
For reds, greens, and blacks.

The lights on the crest
Of the new dollar slots
Gave the lustre of riches
To all the have-nots.

The boss in his bow tie,
The waitress, the shill,
Had all settled in
For a long night of nil.

When out in the lobby
There rose such a clatter,
The boss sprang to his phone
To see what was the matter.

Then what turned his Visine-soaked
Eyes into gawkers,
But a high-rolling drunk
With eight gaudy streetwalkers!

A ten-buck Havana
Cigar in his lips,
The smoke it encircled
His arms full of chips.

His belly was full
From far too much feasting,
And it shook when he laughed
Like a chorus girl's g-string.

The shift boss grinned,
In his heart felt a rush.
He knew in an instant
It must be some lush!

"On dealers! On floormen!"
He called them by name,
"On runners and doormen,
Let's hustle this lame!"

The drunk spoke no word
But went straight to a table,
And filled all the spots
To the max he was able.

Then laying a finger
Aside of his toke,
He won every hand
'Til that table went broke

The boss's face went white
As some new fallen snow,
Not once, but three times,
He saw that rack go!

The gray-haired old guard
Watched it all with a grin.
"That's no drunk" he said,
"That's the ghost of Saint Ken!"

"He comes back each year
On this eve for a scuffle,
To clean out some bastard
Who game him the shuffle!"

And that spectre exclaimed
As he split with his crew,
"Merry Christmas to all
Who can count down a shoe!"

Should I start a new blog?

LJ is pretty much dead. My friends page has been empty for months 'cause all my LJ friend stopped posting. Blogger/Wordpress is the new hotness.

I briefly toyed with the idea of starting a new one, but I still kind of like LiveJournal for its simplicity and Web 1.0 feel (</3 Web 2.0). Also these posts automatically get imported to Facebook anyway, which is from where I figure 90% of the readership will come.

Since my last post on July 1, 2010, let's see...
  • Changed Ultimate teams again for Fall League back to Boom (FKA South of the Border). If you count it as a different team, that makes 5 teams in just over 4 years in Seattle. Yeah, I'm a slut.

  • Went to a few tournaments (Potlatch, Babes 'n' Hats, Kleinman, Spawnfest)

  • Saw a couple of different shows: Slayer and Megadeth (AWESOME) and Lady Gaga (ALSO AWESOME, in a completely different way of course)

  • Briefly flirted with getting back under 215 pounds again (I think my lowest was 213), failed miserably to maintain that

  • Quit my job and have been funemployed for a month. I have grand plans to travel next year, just need to plan

  • Had a blast at RHIT Homecoming '10. You may have seen my most notable exploit...

Next up: Hawaii for 11 days: Hopu Ka Lewa and the Big Island Hat Draw. Just need to find a cat sitter and buy a new tent and sleeping bag before Thursday (oh and pack, I guess). Boom.

I am but one small instrument

I finally bought a real copy of Jimmy Eat World's Clarity, after having a burned copy I got from John back in high school for years. Usually I don't care about burned copies, but I made this copy with a really ghetto old external USB CD burner, and a bunch of the tracks got the last few seconds chopped off, so I was glad to get a real copy. This is probably my favorite album of all time. It's amazing. It's probably too emo for a lot of people, and I can't really describe what is so awesome about it since I'm not great at writing about music.

I wish I could say that I knew about this album before JEW went mainstream, but sadly I didn't find out about it until Bleed American was already all over the radio, so I didn't get in on the ground floor.

I wish I had known about the Clarity x 10 tour. I totally would have flown to one of the cities to see one of those shows.

Blink 182 - Man Overboard

So sorry it's over
So sorry it's over

There's so much more that I wanted and
There's so much more that I needed
Time keeps moving on and on and on
Soon we'll all be gone

Let's take some time to talk this over
You're out of line and rarely sober
We can't depend on your excuses
Cause in the end it's fucking useless

You can only lean on me for so long
Bring the ship about to watch a friend drown
Stood out on the ledge
Begged you to come down
You can only lean on me for so long

I remember shots, without a chaser
absent minded thoughts, now you're a stranger
Cover up the scars
Put on your game face
Left you in a bar
To try and save face

You can only lean on me for so long
Bring the ship about to watch a friend drown
Stood out on the ledge
Begged you come down
You can only lean on me for so long

So sorry it's over
So sorry it's over

There's so much more that I wanted and
There's so much more that I needed
Time keeps moving on and on and on
Soon we'll all be gone

Man on a mission
Can't say I miss him around
Insider information
Hand in your resignation
Loss of a good friend
Best of intentions I found
Tight lipped procrastination
Yeah later
See you around


My LJ has a big black hole from fall '04 to January '06. I deleted it all, but I did save a backup in a LiveJournal archive file (.lja). I would now like to reinstate all those posts, or at least get them in a readable manner, but I don't remember what software I used. Damn. All the comments are there too. Reading through the binary file as best I can, I forgot how much we all commented on each other's blogs back in the day ("the day" being my last 2 years of college-ish, "we all" being mostly DSPs 2 years ahead of me). The reason I deleted it all? Girl problems I was having at the time, which probably only applied to 20% of the posts anyway. There's a lot of good history there. Especially B. Ross's response to one of my posts about needing a girlfriend..."Today, I assume the persona of a caveman..."

Every time I look back at old blog posts, I think "wow, I sound different back then." It's always an interesting window into my previous self. So I should really write more. But I think there is also a place in my life for an actual private journal, stuff I wouldn't really want anyone to read. But how to keep it...old school style with an actual notebook/journal? Flat files on my laptop backed up somewhere? Some kind of private blogging software? Private, not-even-friends entries on LJ? Huh.

In conclusion, my life is becoming alarmingly similar to my prediction in this post. Here I sit in front of my computer on a Friday night, enjoying a crisp Natty Light. Damn you social anxiety.

I have been thinking about moving back to Boise. Seattle has kind of lost it's allure, and I do have a lot of good friends there. I have a decent enough amount of savings that I wouldn't mind not working for a while, and the bonus is that if I took those savings with me to Boise, they would actually last longer than living here without a job, given the cost of living difference. It would be fun to check out spring training down in Arizona next year.

You know what really grinds my gears?


So I just loaded a 2.7M JPEG from Gmail in a Firefox tab. I then try to save the damn image into my home directory. And Firefox starts DOWNLOADING THE DAMN THING AGAIN FROM THE SERVER. IT'S ALREADY ON MY FUCKING HARD DRIVE SOMEWHERE, CAN YOU PLEASE JUST TRANSFER IT FOR ME. Okay. Breathe. This is so incredibly stupid I can barely think.


Dilbert archives

I just noticed yesterday that the archives on the dilbert.com website now go back all the way to the first strip in 1989. I think I tried this a few months ago, and the archives cut out somewhere in the 90s. It's pretty cool, considering that Scott Adams is probably losing money from people who might otherwise buy the collections. Of course, I'm sure he sleeps on a pile of money every night anyway.

So I'm going to start reading through, from the first one forward. Long-time Dilbert fans will remember that the older strips focus more on Dilbert's home life, and include a lot more strips with Bob and Dawn the dinosaurs. I enjoyed this era as well as the early-office era. Recently (most of the 21st century) the strip has gotten pretty stale, telling the same jokes over and over. But the last few months I've been reading it have been pretty funny. I think the failing economy has given him some fresh material.

EDIT: Arg, they seem to be missing random strips here and there. Oh well.
EDIT 2: Ah, I see, they are missing the really old Sunday strips.